Simplicity for Small Business

Simplicity for Small Business

Simple and Powerful

The size of the fleet doesn’t matter, but performance does! The FleetZoo advantage allows small and medium sized  fleets the ability to maximize their capabilities with the use of our simple but effective tools.

Optimizing your routes in minutes through our advance algorithms that work “behind the curtains” to do the hard work!

Easy to Implement

FleetZoo takes into account everything from driver schedules,  to delivery windows and vehicle capacity. All you do is enter your daily orders, and FleetZoo builds a plan for you with the touch of a button!


You can use FleetZoo’s flexible order entry capability, or easily upload your orders from a spreadsheet.

Tools for Drivers and Technicians

Connect to your drivers and see their progress through assigned routes. And each driver has their daily plan at their fingertips on their mobile phone or tablet.

Changes to schedules and orders are updated instantly. 

Keeping Everyone Connected

Our interactive app allows drivers to see their routes, update fleet managers on current status. At the same time, your customers are notified when their driver is on the way.

Helping your business delivery better customer service is a key part of the FleetZoo advantage.

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    Fleet Size

    Finding the right solution for your company

    FleetZoo not only offers a superior system for optimizing routes for your fleet but also prides itself on the quality of its user experience. FleetZoo will be with your company every step of the way. Taking pride in our clients satisfaction, FleetZoo is easy to use, efficient for both dispatchers and drivers, and is customization to your business needs. The FleetZoo cloud-based optimization solution includes order management, route planning and optimization, and real-time customer notification. Making FleetZoo the superior option for your fleet! With tailored settings and preferences unique to your company, FleetZoo works with your managers, drivers, technicians and customers to make an experience worthy of your business.

    Fleet operations are expensive, with FleetZoo you save time and money by combining our easy to use interface with a powerful artificial intelligence-based optimization engine. FleetZoo runs on web browser making our software accessible from anywhere.

    The FleetZoo solution is an essential tool for fleet operations and management teams to be successful. FleetZoo is designed to reduce operational costs through optimizing fleet routing, minimizing vehicle usage, and cutting fuel costs while improving the overall experience for your drivers and customers. Drivers and technicians have access to instant updates on mobile devices, while your customers are updated on delivery and service times.The FleetZoo Optimization Solution simplifies and improves the planning, execution, and monitoring of any fleet operation. Overall satisfaction is FleetZoo’s goal and your business can experience this satisfaction by trying our 14 day free trial today!

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