Route Optimization for

Health Care Organizations

Route Optimization for


Health Care Organizations

 Whether your facility is acute care, extended care or hospice, running a health care facility requires timely deliveries of samples, supplies, or people to and from different locations in order to provide quality service to patients. Appointment time windows, driver availability, and STAT deliveries make this challenge even greater. How can you spend less time planning, and have your drivers spend more time “doing” and less time driving?

FleetZoo gives you the tools you need to meet these challenges so that your operation minimizes costs, and maximizes daily services and customer satisfaction. 

With FleetZoo, your drivers and health care professionals spend less time on the road burning fuel, and you spend less time planning the routes. In minutes, FleetZoo accounts for appointment time windows and a host of other factors to create fuel efficient routes–while also keeping you up to date on driver activities throughout the day.

Save time planning, cut down driver time on the road, and see what FleetZoo can do for you!

Powerful features to help your Health Care Organization

FleetZoo’s powerful technology allows Health Care organizations to easily…

Generate optimal assignments and routes

FleetZoo will allow you to easily import your daily jobs/addresses and will generate optimal itineraries for your entire fleet.

Dispatch routes to employee’s smartphones

Once dispatchers have approved all assignments and routes, employees will receive their itineraries right on their smartphones or tablets.

Provide customers with appointment status updates

Customers are happier if they are “in the know.” FleetZoo will keep them informed so they know when to expect you.

Track progress of the day’s jobs in real-time

While your employees are out making pickups and dropoffs, you can track their progress all in real-time – you’ll always know how your day is progressing.

Handle any unplanned scheduling changes

There are inevitably schedule adjustments that need to be made during the day. Simply drag and drop a new order from the “Unassigned” group, or from one employee to another, and re-optimize the daily schedule. The employees and customers will see the adjustment in real-time.

Why Choose FleetZoo for Your Health Care Organization?


Build optimal daily routes and dispatch in less than 10 minutes


Reduce costs by up to 35%, while increasing your job count


Gain real-time insight into order and stop progress and driver activity


Keep customers in the loop with automatic update notifications


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